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Benefits of Cartons in Pharma Industry

Uncategorized | 15-Nov-2016

Carton packing has been the central element of packaging business for many years, especially, in pharmacy and food packaging section. Technical advancements have revolutionized the method of wrapping techniques and introduced new methods like metal wrapping and glass packing but, nothing can replace carton wrapping; it is a safe, cheap and efficient way of wrapping as a huge amount of material can be stored in it at once.

A report of Paperboard packaging Council revealed that paperboard wrapping is the most preferred packing method in which cartons hold an important portion of this wrapping sector. Pharmaceutical industries use two methods of wrapping: primary packaging system and secondary packing system. In primary packing, the content is first enveloped into sub components that ensure long shelf life to the content while, in secondary packing, primary packing is further packed into secondary packages like cartons, boxes, injection trays etc.

Below are some benefits of cartons in Pharma industry:

1. Contaminant-free products : 

Contamination is the most important factor when it comes to pharma products, only a microbe-free packing can be considered as ideal packaging. Pharma carton manufacturers keeps the fundamental function of medicinal products in mind. They design high-quality packing that not only fulfills the needs of distribution system but also the user and its effectiveness. Pharma cartons are leak-proof and won’t allow diffusion and permeation of products as they are strong enough to hold the moisture content.

2. Protection : 

Pharma packaging companies ensure complete protection of medicinal product after packing. These cartons are resistant towards external influences like moisture, biological contamination, oxygen, moisture, adulteration, mechanical damage and ensure quality and potency to the pharmaceutical products.

3. Pre-sentation and information : 

The pharma cartons contain important information about medicine, injection or whatever is packed in it. Information like drug name, dosage prescription, expiry date and number of products stored in the carton is usually imprinted on the box. For more information, you have to access the primary packing of the medicine.

4. Identification : 

Printed cartons offer easy recognition and identification of components packed inside the carton. Now, you don’t have to open cartons to get medicinal information, simply read it from storage box.

5. Convenience

Packing of products is always associated with administration or product use. Hence, it holds an important place in effectiveness of any medicine.

6. Light-weight

Reduction in packaging weight ensures environmental benefits and money savings with product’s life cycle and supply chain that means usage of fewer raw materials, easy transportation, huge storage, low carbon footprint and low fees to pay.

Many companies offer high-quality laminated cartons that are composed of paper, aluminium layer and thin layers of polythene that make it resistant to water, light and air. One can also choose screw cap that ensures safety seal to the products.

Always hire a reputed company that offers multiple benefits to the user with high-quality services at affordable prices. Enjoy making money!