Braille Carton Suppliers in India

Certain countries, specifically those in the European Union have made it mandatory that OTC generic drug cartons will specifically have the generic/ brand name embossed in braille. Since Rich has a huge customer base in the pharmaceutical sector, it became imperative for us to have systems that impart the highest quality braille embossing.

Past experience showed that by conventional embossing on the Bobst Die Cutting machines, there was significant probability of board rupture as well as uneven heights of the characters due to uneven pressure distribution- a limitation very hard to overcome.

Rich Prints has installed Accubraille on its Bobst pasting machines which ensures that all braille character parameters i.e. Height, diameter and distance between characters are uniform from the 1st to the last carton. This also avoids rupture of board, so commonplace a phenomenon, in the conventional punching method.

This also has ensured that cartons are finished faster as one operation is synchronized with the pasting operation and one operation in the punching stage is eliminated. Rich also offers its customers certificates arranged from the National Association of the blind or the Helen Keller institute certifying that the braille embossing is functionally proper.

For in-house quality check of the braille dots, we have braille checker from Bobst which measures all there parameters and gives very accurate results on the height, spacing between and diameter of the characters. However as a limitation we cannot have accubraille on two panels or more than 5 lines.

In such cases we have to revert to the conventional method of embossing. Our Braille embossed cartons are being supplied to pharma luminaries like Cipla, Indoco, Lupin, Torrent, USV, Unichem, Glenmark and a host of other companies dotting the pharmaceutical firmament.


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