Met Pet Carton Suppliers in India

The Ultra-Modern CD-102 machine with three inter decks are capable of printing on non-porous substrates like Metallized Polyester. After Printing on Met Pet surfaces various aesthetic effects can be created by using texture UV.

These cartons stand out by their luster and rich finish and have extensive applications. Such cartons are now the order of the day and find wide clientele in the FMCG/ Cosmetics and Perfumes/ Pharmaceuticals etc.

The unit also has a semi-automatic screen printing unit complete with a printing and developing unit from where we can impart special finishes like abrasive and bubble finish/ raised UV etc. which can make your product packaging look surreal and make it stand out in the melee.

The CD-102 machine is capable of printing these high value cartons at an incredible speed of over 15000 sheets per hour. Rich has also perfected the art of quick deliveries at all points of the process from lamination to base coat applications to multi colored printing and drip off and then post press operations.

It is of immense pride to Rich Prints that one such carton has won the India Star award at the recent IIP awards. Rich is committed to improving value addition delivery to its clientele by adding such technology to its regime that is the demand of time.

A fully automatic lamination machine, sandwich lamination facilities are soon-to-be additions in the Rich Artillery. We have croosed the borders of this country and have also started to export such high quality cartons to the middle east where also our workmanship and high quality has been appreciated and is manifesting itself in repeat orders from all clients approached and developed so far.

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