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Rich has developed clientele who are discerning and want to showcase their products in premium packaging and therefore they have opted for cartons made out of PP/PVC . The cartons can be enriched by premium UV printing and other beautification operations like foil stamping.

Plastic Carton Manufacturer

The unique feature of such carton is that the the product can be totally seen through the package and the customer can understand what he is buying. In addition it gives a very premium look to the carton.

Rich also has PUR gluing systems which does not leave ungainly marks on the pasting flap and is completely transparent while providing sufficient bonding between the substrates to ensure that the cartons do not open or there is no side seam rupture complaints.

It also eliminates the grotesque looking scars left by UV welding on the cartons and are aesthetically far more superior. Rich also has plasma treatment facilities intended to cut down the curing time of such cartons and have a remarkable turn-around time of around two weeks from order to execution.

Such promptness is unparalleled in the industry and is the prime reason behind the growing demand for such cartons from Rich.

Being one of the premium plastic carton suppliers, we take oath for timely delivery and quality cartons products to our clients. To know more contact us today!


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