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This not only determines the quality of printing, ensures standard processes but also takes care of timeframes which are immensely vital to any packaging process .Rich Group has invested, and is continuing to invest in cutting edge production units, high end machinery and state of the art quality testing equipment.

Pre-Press Equipments:

Pre-Press stage is the preliminary stage of printing. This stage emphasizes on planning and designing of the output. We employ ESKO Workflow which is one of the latest software that ensures standardized digital workflow for error free pre press which is so aptly called the heart of the offset printing process.

We also use a high end sample making machine to provide trial pieces to the clients which is a veritable clone of the final product. Use of sample making machine ensures that clients understand the final output before the production process starts fully fledged. These pre-press equipments ensure that there is intensive planning which can eliminate unnecessary wastes in the production process. Employment of thermal CTP ensures best printing results without any dot loss.

Press Equipments:

Press stage is the fundamental and the most crucial stage of the printing process. This is the stage where the actual printing of the package occurs. Our top end Presses are capable of printing on all Substrates, be it conventional paper-board or metalized polymer (met pet) substrate or rigid films like PP/PVC. Our well trained production team monitors every activity from start to finish and ensures that every output from the Rich presses bear the indelible stamp of quality written all over it.

Post Press:

Modern die cutting machines, precise Foil stamping machines, Off line UV and Aqua varnishing machine, Lamination machines including thermal lamination machine and a semi- automatic Screen Printing press are the hallmarks of this department. All pasting lines are fitted with Kurandt coding systems to avoid intermingling of cartons on the pasting line .Folder gluer also has Acubraille attached to it that ensures standardized braille character delivery on to the cartons.

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