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Everything You Need To Know About Folded Cartons

Cartons | 11-May-2017

Earlier packaging industry came into existence due to folded cartons. This process occupies folding carton which is made up of paperboard that is printed, laminated, cut, then folded and glued before transport to packagers. Then these cartons are shipped flat to a package, which owns his machinery to fold the carton into its final shape as a container or a box for a particular product. The well known example of such a carton is cereal box.

We at Rich-Offset India Private limited supply a wide range of folding carton styles such as boxes and trays all are made up by using variety of folding techniques. If you want to buy conventional cartons then contact us!

Our domain familiarity across industries permits us to work with customers to recognize their precise folding cartons requirements and business requirements to transport modified solutions.

Being a leading printed folding Cartons manufacturers we have made its existence available in several industries:-

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • FMC
  • Textiles
  • Agro-Chemicals
  • Perfumes and cosmetics etc.

Features of folded cartons :

  • Custom to your item, marketing and supply network necessities
  • Accessible in an extensive variety of folding carton grades
  • Off-set printed up to eight colours in addition to varnish for a polished appearance
  • 100% recyclable
  • Wide variety of folding techniques
  • Window fixing accessible for high product visibility

What are the benefits of folded cartons?

  • It will help you to increase the sales due to high brand visibility
  • Maximise impact of brand at the point of purchase
  • It is environment friendly, as it is made up with renewable resource
  • Due to its feature of lightweight there is reduction in space as well as in costs and delivered flat
  • Advantage for the customer as it is easy to recycle
  • Very flexible for use an automatic and manual packaging lines

Highlights of our folded cartons :

Being a leading folding carton manufacturer, we produce cartons in from 230 GSM to 450 GSM. We also ensure that all our cartons have fold pre-broken to ensure that all cartons run satisfactorily on carbonator machines. Window lamination as well as window patching facilities are also available.

You just don’t have to worry about the cartons manufacturing process as it is develop in a unit which has good manufacturing practices and lives up to the recommendations of Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit.

So, want to have an effective printing and packaging process for your product? Then Rich-Offset India Private limited will help you by achieving the highest data in product quality, affordability and customer service!