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Know The Process Of Food Packaging

Packaging | 28-Jul-2017

For any company producing branded edible products, a close relation with their food packaging supplier is one of the critical associations that helps them stay ahead of competitors. This is because brand identity is determined mostly by visual representation. Accordingly, companies spend a lot of money to ensure that they always have the right kind of cartons and labels.

There are two basic kinds of packaging involved with edible products –

(a) Internal packaging which comes into direct contact with the edible product

(b) External packaging that displays nutritional information, and brand identifying features

Food packaging companies use several detailed processes to provide their clients the right kind of packing solutions for their products. While the internal packaging must always be made from certified food safe materials, these laminated sheets have little in terms of designing elements other than perhaps some printed brand logos. The external packaging cartons and labels on the other hand, are a much more complicated matter.

There are three fundamental steps to make the right kind of external packaging –

(i) The Design: Food packaging suppliers are usually provided with a selected design by the client company, and they have to print and cut the cartons as needed with utmost precision. While this may seem simple enough, the design itself may need several different modifications for different flavours and varieties. The vendor supplying the carton should be involved during the designing process so that there is minimal material waste during production.

(ii) The Materials: Food packaging companies work with several different materials depending on the design of the carton and the requirements for that product. Recycled paper and cardboard are popular choices; and these are covered in several layers of laminate to further protect the food products within, while offering a bit more strength to the carton’s structure.

(iii) The Printing: Food packaging suppliers provide their clients with both cartons, as well as labels, and the printing is the most important aspect of the service and this is the reason why there is an increasing demand for product packaging. Information printed on food labels include nutritional data as well as manufacturing details like dates, prices, and batch numbers. The printing itself is critically monitored at each stage, since the slightest error could mean the loss of an entire batch of packaging materials.