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At Rich Group, we aim to provide end to end printing and packaging solutions to our clients by developing qualitative, innovative and defect free solutions at the most competitive prices. Quality is the essence of our philosophy at work.

We have imbibed the principles of Total Quality Management in our production processes. This ensures that we are able to cater to ever increasing demands of our customers. Only providing defect free solutions is not enough, one needs to provide these highly qualitative, defect-free solutions at the most competitive prices.

ISO Certificate

Highlights of Our Quality Policy

Trained Staff:

Training plays a vital role in any production process. Well trained staff ensures that production methodology is followed perfectly. We invest in qualitative and interactive training methods to create awareness and update our staff with current trends of production technology.

Hi-tech Machinery:

Equipment plays a major role in the quality of production. We have invested in technologically advanced equipment that are designed to meet current quality standards. We believe that quality is priceless and therefore our continuous thrust is to bolster our quality enhancement systems. Tech 4 check and super sort are two small but distinct strides in that direction. Tech 4 check has eliminated manual proof reading thereby eliminating chances of human misses while proof reading customer approved PDFs while super sort has been a revolutionary addition to the Rich Cavalcade drastically reducing human involvement in the sorting processes. The highly sensitive cameras in the machine can detect the slightest of variations in shade, registration or deposition of any unwanted elements/ marks

Internal and External Audits:

Internal and External Audits: Audits are essential to dip check the quality of any production unit. We are involved in regular internal and external audits to ensure zero-defect policy for our production units. We comply with international quality standards and are committed to delivering only the best. We set quality goals and review them periodically to ensure seamless quality audits.

Timely Delivery:

Time is the essence for any contract with our partners. We have internalized this as our maxim and we strive to deliver our products to our esteemed clientele on time every time. We work backwards from committed time to ensure that the entire organization is aligned to this crucial requirement of the customer and all work processes are standardized according to that.

Cost Effective:

Our endeavor is to eliminate all wastes by using inventive and unique solutions with a view to offer the best at the least possible price.

Customer Involvement:

We understand that every enterprise has its unique needs; Hence it is
imperative that we seek and incorporate our customer’s suggestions and advices to continuously upgrade ourselves and keep up to date in a very dynamic and volatile business environment where continual improvement is the key to survival and success

Employee Participation:

The Management of Rich Prints is very well aware that the arduous journey to the top and the even harder task of staying at the top is facilitated by the quality and involvement of its Manpower in all circumstances. We take extra pain in ensuring that all our employees are involved in arriving at any decision that impacts the working of the organization. Out of the box thinking and solutions have helped us in improving our operating strategies and reducing unwanted costs.

Safety Standards:

Rich Group has devised and incorporated rigorous safety drills and safety measures in their production, operation and delivery processes which has ensured risk free production and promoted a safe and healthy working environment for our workers and employees.



Systems and adherence to the systems is what drives an organization on road to success. Continual development and improvement is the buzzword for all activities at Rich Group. Thus efficient implementation and strict adherence to the standard operating procedures is the pathway to ultimate customer satisfaction and ensures continuous growth of the company


Rich Group is totally committed to ensure that its staff and workers get a very healthy working environment. Having ensured that, Rich has successfully undergone SMETA audit and the positive report has already been uploaded on its site. Rich Group is totally committed to providing and maintaining a
safe and healthy work place


A combined rating from National Small Industries Corporation and credit rating agency
CRISIL. This rating reflects performance capability and financial stability of the organization. Rich Group has been the consistent recipient of very high ratings- a reflection of rock solid fundamentals that the company is founded upon.

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