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The 5 Biggest Packaging Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

Packaging | 14-Sep-2017

Product packaging is one of the essential parts of your product. The packaging is the element through which the customers will associate your product and your company. Any mistake in packaging, thus, can be greatly damaging for your product’s and company’s reputation.
Below are 5 biggest mistakes that are made during packaging. After reading this, make sure that you don’t repeat these mistakes again.

1. Packaging in overly large containers:

This is one common mistake made by companies across the world. Unnecessary large containers are bad for your company’s image and also for the environment. When the consumer sees such a package, they perceive the company to be highly inefficient.

2. Using cheap packaging:

Being cost conscious is no doubt a good thing, however, it should not come at the expense of product safety. You must inquire with folding carton manufacturers about various products and their sustainability. Go for the package only if it meets all your safety requirements.

 3. Contamination:

Many companies have a tendency to overlook sources that can lead to product contamination. You can avoid this mistake by making sure with folding carton suppliers that the selected packaging will be suitable for your storehouse. You can further protect your product from getting contaminated by keeping the surface of your storage room clean.

4. Difficult to open:

Never make packaging that is hard to open. Such a packaging turns off customers and if they liked the product they will not come back just because of difficult packaging. To avoid this mistake, take trials of the packaging on your target audience. You can also ask suggestion from folding carton suppliers.

5. Under-protection:

If the product has not been packaged properly, it is highly likely to get damaged during shipment. While consulting folding carton manufacturers, inform them about your product’s nature and ask them to design the package accordingly.