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The Top 7 Pros of Folding Cartons

Cartons Packaging | 30-Aug-2017

A carton is a type of packaging which is used in industries like food, pharmaceuticals, hardware, and many other types of industries. The history of cartons goes back to 1879 where it was first used in a New York factory operated by Robert Gair. After few years, Dr. Winslow of Seattle, developed cartons by folding papers.

There are many types of cartons that are being used in packaging like folding cartons, egg carton, aseptic carton, and gable top. Of these, folded cartons are widely used and is the most popular one.

Folding carton manufacturers use materials like paperboard, duplex, recycled and various types plastics or composite for making cartons.

Folding cartons are generally supplied to Pharmaceuticals, FMCG, Liquor, Textiles, Agro-Chemicals, Perfumes and Cosmetics industries, but generally they are used in retail packaging products. They can also be used to display and promote products which will help impulsive buying. Folding carton manufacturers make cartons that range from 230 GSM to 450 GSM papers.

If you are using folding cartons for the first time or you are using it for many years, you should be aware of the advantages that come with this packaging solution.

1. Rigidity – Folding carton manufacturers use paperboard for creating a folding carton. It has different wrights. These cartons can also be made by using corrugated board, as they provide additional support needed for a heavier product.

2. Creative & Flexible – Folding cartons can be of different styles. Each style can then be custom-made to meet certain specifications. Additionally, features like hanging tabs or windows can be added.

3. Environment friendly – The pulp that is used to create non-virgin paperboard is manufactured from recycled materials which indeed on of the many important features of folding cartons.

4. Good graphics – Folding cartons offer clean graphics. This is done through the use of a four color process. This is the reason why folded cartons are now used in the process of food packaging. Good graphics ensures a better marketing of the product.

5. Shipping cost – Folding cartons can be shipped at a lower cost.

6. Cost Effective – They are less expensive to produce.

7. Time taken – It takes less time to produce these cartons.

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